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PtronGUI version 1.2

A Windows XP graphical user interface for Proxomitron 4.5-J.
Zipfile contains the quick and easy patcher program, plus font and readme.

Main Screen, with XP theming of buttons.
Entire background uses the "Face 2" texture.
Shown here is the default bitmap (a simple coloring).

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PtronGUI applies cosmetic interface changes via the program's resource files, plus makes a few hex edits.
Hex edits include switching the late author's webpage/email links to Proxomitron.Info and PtronGUI links,
and switching the font used for the filter editors' input/edit fields from Courier New to Andale Mono.
PtronGUI makes no changes to (nor to affect) Proxomitron's core program or operation.

While Scott Lemmon approved of personal modifications to Proxomitron, he strictly prohibited distribution of
modified Proxomitron.exe program files.   To share modifications, Scott instead recommended distribution of a
"patch program" which could then be used by others to apply the changes to their own copy of Proxomitron;
thus, PtronGUI is free to distribute, with profound gratitude to Scott's generous nature as well as his genius.


RWIN Patch

For those needing it, here is an RWIN patch for Proxomitron customized with PtronGUI 1.2.
Starting with the next update, an RWIN patch and info will be included in the PtronGUI distribution zip.
(Don't know if you need this patch?  See this thread over at Kye-U's forums or this thread at CastleCops.)


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