Proxomitron Naoko 4.5-J


To reactivate "greyed" Save icon, select "Config", click OK.

(Depending on OS) At initial program startup, pressing "Alt" key clears UI face.  Minimize & reopen to restore.

If vertical separator between dropdown menu and icons is clicked, menu icon focus becomes activated.

If a problem arises and "Abort" fails to kill connections, open the Windows Task Manager and terminate the Proxomitron process, then restart.  Problem usually stems from infinite loop due to recursive multi-matching or a malformed expression.  (Fairly common solution:  new test filter needs a $STOP.  ;-)

Web Filter Listings

Manipulating selected group of filters:  Cut to delete or Cut/Paste to move; right-click over filter names to Export; or right-click over check boxes (or press minus sign) to activate/deactivate selected group.  (Press Shift or Ctrl while clicking to select multiple filters.)

Header Filter Listings

Manipulating selected group of filters:  Delete to remove; right-click to Export; or activate/deactivate by pressing "1" to toggle outgoing filters, "2" to toggle incoming filters.

If "URL:" named Keys exist, the headers as listed in the config's text file will normally vary between two sort orders, the order "flipping" from one to the other each time the config is loaded then saved.  If there are no "URL:" Keys, the order of the header filters in the text file remains consistent.

Along that same vein, URL handling can be accomplished without a "URL:" Key name.  Use a different Key name (for instance "!-URL:") and just configure the filter's URL Match to do the operation instead (use "&" to $JUMP or $RDIR).  The kill switch (\k) should still be used in the Replace field, however.

Find (Listings input field)

Accepts wildcards, matching expressions.  Find includes implied "*" (i.e., "Yahoo" is interpreted by Find as "*Yahoo*").  To search from the first character of a description, start the search with "&".  Similar to normal matching expressions, some meta characters must be escaped (e.g., to search for the "&" explicitly, use "\&").

Web Filters Editor

Matching Expression field limit is 4096 bytes.
Replacement Text field limit is 4096 bytes.

Test Window

Test Window's input field limit is 30,000 bytes.

If the config is saved while the Test Window is moved partly outside of the screen, the Test Window fields will be misaligned with its interface (broken) the next time Proxomitron is restarted.  To repair, save any changes and close Proxomitron.  Open the relevant Config file in a text editor, delete the line entries in [WinSizes] for Win.05, Win.06, and Win.07, save the config, and restart Proxomitron.

Log Window

Moving through log entries:  place cursor at top or some other starting point and press the letter key associated with the color of the line to hop to next; i.e., g=green, y=yellow, r=red, v=violet, c=cyan, and b=blue ... but w=white, gray, and blank lines.  (The "w" is handy for section hopping.)

Pressing shift+color will also "select" all the entries included in that hop.

New Interface

After installing a new graphical user interface (GUI) and starting Proxomitron, resizeable dialogs (identified by the little plain green triangle in the titlebar) may open incorrectly proportioned if they have new interface dimensions.

A simple solution:  Exit Proxomitron, open its start-up config (usually "default.cfg" unless specified otherwise in a start-up shortcut), and delete all the Win# entries in the [WinSizes] section.  After deleting the entries, save the config.  Those entries include the last-saved dimensions of resizeable dialogs; without them, the resizeable dialogs will open in their initial default state after Proxomitron is started.

Solution #2 is also simple, but only addresses one dialog at a time.  Just click the edge of each resizeable dialog's frame after opening it. This will cause any incorrectly proportioned dialog to immediately "pop" into its correct dimensions.

Save config after size adjustments so new dialogs' dimensions are kept.

Launch (see Config Settings "Startup" tab)

In addition to the Launch icon/option being able to "Run a Program or URL," Launch can also be used to open other filetypes into associated programs or a directory listing in the file explorer.

The only difference in the format for these type Launch entries is that they must be enclosed in quotes and have fully qualified paths.  For example (path may vary) ...

To Launch the default config file into an associated text editor:
"C:\Program Files\Proxomitron Naoko-4\default.cfg"

Or, to Launch a directory listing of Proxomitron's program folder:
"C:\Program Files\Proxomitron Naoko-4\"  (ending backslash optional)

Note, if the format or path is off, or if the filetype is NOT associated with any program, then the Launch will instead be directed to the browser!

Exec Command

Undocumented:  $EXEC()
A command-based version of the Launch feature.

Ptron Files

Undocumented:  file extension ".ptron"
Proxomitron recognizes these in file listing dialogs as config files.

Text Filterable

Undocumented:  MIME type "text/filterable"
Proxomitron recognizes this special MIME type as a file to be filtered.

Potential Use:  Set the Windows file association for the MIME type to a text editor, and/or configure the MIME type in the browser to be opened with a text editor.

URL Listings

To clear the URL listings shown in the "local.ptron/.pinfo/URLS/" page:  right-click the tray icon (or Proxomitron's mainscreen) and select any blockfile listed under the "Add to Blockfile" option.  In the dialog that pops up, right-click the URL entry field and select "Clear URL list", then Cancel the dialog. website ©2004-2011, by Mona Oliver.  All rights reserved.